Buzz Off-Words that Say Nothing

Buzz Off—Words that Say Nothing Here’s an eye-opening thought—we dare you to find a company who’s marketing message doesn’t contain at least one of the buzzwords listed below (go ahead, we’ll wait!): Award-winning, Growth, Competitive Advantage, Experts, Innovation, Integrated, Market-leader, Proprietary Process, Proven, Solution, Strategic, Sustainability, Value-added, Value Proposition Vision. How many instances of these, now meaningless catch words … Continue reading

Be Real or Be Just Like Everyone Else

Be Real or Be Just Like Everyone Else In an age where the word “authentic” is most commonly paired with “Mexican Food,” Tribute Band,” and “Video Game Graphics,” we wondered, is the concept of true authenticity in danger of extinction? Granted, achieving authenticity is harder than is sounds. Unless you have endless hours to spend … Continue reading