Be Real or Be Just Like Everyone Else

Be Real or Be Just Like Everyone Else

In an age where the word “authentic” is most commonly paired with “Mexican Food,” Tribute Band,” and “Video Game Graphics,” we wondered, is the concept of true authenticity in danger of extinction?

Granted, achieving authenticity is harder than is sounds. Unless you have endless hours to spend on introspection and self-enlightenment (in what world?), we’re probably all guilty of occasional laziness. We fall prey to the easy seduction of infomercials, fast food, and cookie-cutter thinking. The question remains however. Why be authentic?

It’s easier to mimic an established leader then to stumble along the road less traveled. But as rewarding? We think not! There’s still something said for the rebel, the loner, the opinions of others. Remember the tricycle lawn mower and the diaper alarm? Well, they MIGHT have worked! The point is those inventors didn’t settle. They saw a vision, a belief in themselves, and they followed their dream. Bottled water? Who would have guessed it even ten years ago.

Likewise, your customer is eager to discover the real McCoy. A company that portrays itself in a certain light and then delivers? Now a days that’s beyond priceless. On the other hand, being less than honest about any side of your business will render all aspects of said business meaningless. The only solution is, of course complete and total integrity, up-front truthfulness, and a sincere commitment to genuineness. It’s better to have the customer know the real you than to allow your company be perceived as something that it’s not.

Rest assured, the fight for authenticity is alive and kicking. It’s never okay being like the Jones’s so don’t hesitate to embrace your individuality. And never throw away and idea! That’s our belief and we’re stinking to it!

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