Innovation Swivels Open

Innovation Swivels Open

There are a lot of companies who do what we do. So how do we set ourself apart as a marketing communications and design firm?

It begins innocently enough at networking events. WITH THIS!!!

It’s just a business card but one with a twist—literately. It boldly presents an abstract symbol of our company’s namesake—a Giraffe right on the front. Then it swivels open to reveal the people behind Giraffe, the company. We make it easy for people to remember meeting us, we actually list our heights underneath our name and title. I’m Jeff 6.5. Then there is Jeff 6.0 and Randy 5.9.

It’s a small thing! But it not only help us stand out and be remembered, It implicitly begins to convey our creative abilities. It conveys our very own brand.


Make sure you leave and indelible impression with every communication vehicle at every point of contact. INNOVATION does not end with your product. It continues with your communications. You need to use a bit of innovation in the way you present yourself, your product, your story.


Start with the truth. It works for us! We use the truth to fuel innovation for our clients. We dig for the truth about what people know or don’t know about a company, their perceptions, their misperceptions and why should they really care about a product. The answers help guide us in what to say about a product and how to say it. So when you start to think about what you should say about a your company, your brand, your product innovation start with the truth. The hard, get-down-to the-core-of the matter-truth.

Always think about your audience—what their viewpoints are, what their sticking points may be, their hopes and their fears. In doing so you will uncover the emotional quotient of your product.

The emotional quotient is valuable: It determines how best to position your brand; how best to talk about your product; how to add a bit of personality to a and a bit of human touch.

So remember… the same thinking that went into your new product is just half the innovation you need to succeed. The other half… is the innovation you put into the method and messages behind HOW you’re going to sell it!

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